These tips have been compiled based on my experiences and from speaking with other people who are familiar with the LRLD process. Take this information seriously, it may save your life.

1. Go get and fill out an organ donor card. Every cadaver liver available is one less potential damaged donor.

2. Do NOT go to New York University Hospital.

3. Print out the Quality Improvement in Living Liver Donation document. Bring it with you every time you go to the hospital. Tape it to your hospital bed, so every doctor knows you are expecting excellent care.

4. Make copies of the recipient's insurance information and always have it with you. Never bring your own insurance information to the hospital or doctors office. If someone asks you for your insurance information, give them the recipient's information.

5. Get in writing who will pay for the donor's hospitalizations, doctor's visits, medicines, long term check ups. Now is the time to think about the long term affects. I know you are focused on the health of the recipient, but that leaves no one looking after you.

6. Find out if your doctors are planning vacations after your surgery. If they are, reschedule your surgery. Remember, they can't do it without you.

7. Find out who will be in charge of your after care. Make sure they are experienced in Liver Donor patient care.

8. Seriously consider hiring your own nurse to be in charge of your care.

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