Living Liver Donation and Transplantation    Laurie's Story

Hi.  My name is Laurie. This is the true story of my Living Liver Donation and Liver Transplant into my cousin. The purpose of this story is to raise awareness about the procedure, its potential risks and to help people who are thinking about donating to make an informed decision. This site became necessary due to the poor quality of care I received at New York University Hospital after the surgery.

My surgery was lead by Dr. Lewis Teperman. Since the hospital and Lewis W. Teperman, M.D.'s position is that "We did nothing wrong", I hope by making my story public the doctors and hospital will be compelled to:

1) Take responsibility for their actions.
2) Make all the necessary changes to the NYU Living Liver Donor Program to ensure no donor has to go through what I did.
3) Never forget that they mistreated me.
4) Remember that the Donor is their patient too and deserves to be treated with care.

The website is entitled as it is because my experience WAS a nightmare, but I do NOT want your Liver Donation to be.  I want you to learn what to ask and what to look for and what NOT to tolerate. I am compiling tips to help potential donors. View Tips.

All living donors are doing an extraordinary thing.  Be proud of yourself. Accept the accolades that undoubtedly will come your way. But also be careful, be informed and be prepared.  You could end up with permanent physical issues like me. I wish you all the best.

During my ordeal, I kept a journal. My better half suggested it as a way of venting my frustrations. This website is laid out as I wrote in my journal; The date followed by the events. I have added comments of descriptions where appropriate. These comments are formatted as below:

Text like this (indented and red) are comments, descriptions or observations I have made since I wrote the journal.

Text in green can be clicked on to get a definition for the word.

This is my story. I was 34 years old at the time of my surgery. I am a gym instructor and an athlete.  A family member was in need of a liver.  I thought I could help.  I offered to be a donor.  I was healthy, had no children, and worked a stable job where I could be gone for a month with proper arrangements.  When I got the call that they needed me, I discussed it at length with my better half, known here as B, and although he hated the idea ("are you crazy? you're volunteering to be cut open?"), we agreed to face the challenge together.  I began testing soon after.

I had my surgery August 8,  2000 in New York City at NYU Hospital.

Ironically, This major New York City hospital proclaims itself "One of World's premier academic medical institutions for more than 155 years, NYU Medical Center continues to be a leader in patient care...". If only it were true.



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