7/18/01 My blood was drawn this morning. Dr. Dzicki called to tell me to reduce my dosage from 7.5 to 7.0. This evening, about 11 pm, I accidentally took 7 (7.5 mg) pills instead of 7 (1.0 mg) pills. I realized my mistake as soon as I had done it. I called Priority Medical Care and was told to go to the ER. I went to Somerset Medical Center and arrived about 11:45 pm. I had blood drawn and ingested charcoal. I spent the night and was seen by Dr. Ashraf the next morning. She remembered me. She said, "I still can't believe how sick you were when you came in that night." (referring to 9/29/00) My blood results showed that most of the coumadin had been cleared from the charcoal. I was tested daily for 3 days and my blood levels were normal.

9/7/01 Today I had another Doppler ultrasound at Somerset Medical Center. The technician said, "wow--you sure have a funny shaped liver." I asked her to show me. She put the device on her OWN abdomen and showed me her liver and then showed me mine. The best description I can give is that my liver appeared to be more like a "spreading blob all on the left" rather than a concentrated mass in 2 sections.

9/21/01 I saw Dr. Koneru today. He had NOT received the results from the ultrasound, but said he would call for them. He also said that if the results were good, I could stop using the coumadin. He would still like to see 2 more ultrasounds to be SURE that the blood clot does not re-form. He says that there is just no guaranteed way to tell except to keep looking.

10/16/01 Dr. Koneru office called to say that the results of the ultrasound were showed no new growth of the clot. The message said that I could stop the coumadin.

10/19/01 I called Dr. Koneru office to ask if I had to be weaned from the coumadin of if I could stop "cold turkey."

10/25/01 Maria from Dr. Koneru office called to say that she was waiting for a response from the doctor about being weaned or just stopping.

11/6/01 Maria from Dr. Koneru office called to say that I could stop taking coumadin today. She reminded me that Dr. Koneru would still like to see 2 more ultrasounds in the next 8-10 months to keep an eye on things. After that, I could visit him just once a year.

3/20/02 Ultrasound today at Somerset Medical Center. The technician (a different one than last time) says she's never seen a liver shaped like mine before, but she sees no clot and nothing abnormal.

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